Do you need to return/refund it?
      If you don’t absolutely like your products, we want it to be as simple as possible. For more information about our return policy, see below.
      1. If the products no quality problem, we don’t accept return or refund
      2. If the products were broken in transportation, we don’t accept return, because it’s the force majeure we can’t control, we can refund a little base on the actually case
      3. If the products with any quality problem, we can full refund for the products with problems, but pls raised the problem within a few days after you received the package. Pls destroy/smash the products with problem and take a video as refund proof, we don’t want to bad quality products into marketing. If you raise the problem a few days after you received the package, we can rejest the request. So pls check your products carefully when you receive the package.
      4. Pls take a video when you open the box to check the products as proof Pls note, all problems should be raised within a few days after packages are delivered,otherwise, we can request the request Contact us via Chat or Email to start your return/refund.
      Return time:Within 30 days after receiving the items.
      We will refund as soon as we see normal logistics.